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We proudly present you all the most popular online game, i.e. Cockfight involving the fight between two roosters. The game is stopped until one of the roster killed to death. With our betting platform, you can easily bid on any of the one chicken just by sitting at your home. Yes, you heard it right! You don’t have to step outside as you can simply select the one whom you like to place your bid on in the prevailing fight. We are one of the most trusted websites for online gaming of Malaysia Cockfight which guarantees ultimate entertainment.

How is Winner Decided in Cockfight Game?

  • i). If any of the one roosters dies, the other (survivor) is declared as a winner.
  • ii). If any of the one roosters run away in between the fight, then the other is considered to be the winner.
  • iii). If both the roosters do not struggle to fight but are still alive then “koyme” will pick them up and let the two hit each other. The rooster who will not strike anymore will be the loser.

So, this is the criteria on which the winner is decided in the Malaysia Cockfight game. All you need is a smart device (palmtops, desktops, cell phones) to play this game and you can win a great amount of cash if played diligently. Connect with us today by whatsapp on +639453220785 if you have any query regarding this online game.

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